Dr. John Piazza, a leading authority on health and wellness, and his team of medical experts offer advice on nutrition reform, fitness, anti-aging and weight loss.

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Dr. Piazza’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Beauty, Fitness, Health, Holidays, Nutrition Reform

As a doctor, I advise my patients all year long on how to increase their fitness levels and on how to achieve their optimal sense of […]


Elle Macpherson’s Secrets for Looking Fit and Fabulous at 50

Beauty, Detoxification, Health, Nutrition Reform, Weight Loss

Although she was exercising, eating no red meat, drinking three liters of water and consuming no alcohol each day, supermodel Elle […]


Dr. Piazza: What’s in My Gym Bag?

Beauty, Detoxification, Health, Nutrition Reform, Weight Loss

Image via Vita Coco 1. Vita Coco Coconut Water Drinking coconut water is a perfect way to stay hydrated while gaining nutritional […]


Injury Prevention for Tennis Players

Fitness, Injury Prevention

Tennis is a challenging sport that requires agility, strength, speed, balance and endurance. Although tennis players have less risk of […]


How To Give Your Fridge a Healthy Makeover

Beauty, Detoxification, Health, Nutrition Reform, Weight Loss

What do you do when you are hungry? If you are at home, chances are that you open the refrigerator door and peer inside for something […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Starting your Own Organic Garden

Health, Nutrition Reform

It’s time for us to take back control of our health – and that begins with the quality of food we consume as a nation. Scientific […]

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