10 Must-Do Resolutions for Better Health

I always emphasize to my patients that they have to make a personal choice, and true effort to change their lifestyle. With a fresh New Year, you now have the perfect opportunity to actively work toward whole-body wellness. Make the most of every day by implementing new habits, and challenge yourself on a different level. Use my below recommended New Year’s resolutions as a blueprint for your year-long self-reformation. Doing even only a few of these recommendations can mean relief from long lasting ailments, and long desired weight loss.

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1. Start Juicing

This makes a huge difference in energy levels, skin complexion, and immune system health. Juicing twice a day can rejuvenate cell growth at a far quicker rate than if you were struggling to eat your recommended daily intake of vegetables whole, or cooked. You can actually begin to look younger when you juice, which, by default, increases your intake of vitamins and minerals! Another shocking improvement from juicing is the prolonged feeling of satiety. Due to proper nutrition, your body requires less food, and thus no longer experiences premature hunger signals sent out by your brain.This allows you to function optimally for longer periods of time, and without cravings!   I recommend investing in a high quality juicer such as the Breville Multispeed Juice Extractor ($99 to $399).  (Available here)


2. Revolutionize your Detoxing

There are new ways to detox that actually accelerate the process, while providing a host of benefits. An Infrared cardio machine, called the PhysioRED, can burn a remarkable amount of calories in just a single session. Infrared light is completely natural, and a safe way to accelerate your metabolic rate, by making fat more accessible in the body as energy. It also oxygenates cells, readily nourishing them, and flushes out toxins from the body.

I’ve long been an advocate of Infrared technology, and incorporating cardio equipment in with this unique part of the light spectrum takes exercise to a completely different level. In addition to the detoxifying properties of the PhysioRED, you’ll see a physical change in your muscle definition, as well as significant weight loss. For those who suffer from discomfort and soreness, Infrared cardio can actually decrease tissue inflammation, relaxing the body as it absorbs the soothing Infrared light. PhysioRED is exclusively offered, in the local area, at NYCPT‘s Wellness Center; every session is supervised by our team of medical experts, and recommended for a variety of patients.

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3. Invest in a Mini-Trampoline

Exercising on a mini-trampoline even for just 10 minutes a day–something possible for most people of all ages–involves an aerobic phenomenon known as rebounding. Rebounding utilizes over-all body strengthening, especially by engaging your muscles as you ready to jump. Upward force creates improved body tone, as well as increased cardiovascular health.

This is another part of my morning routine, and something I’ve researched as a naturally detoxifying habit. The force created from jumping stimulates your lymphatic system, pushing toxins down and cleanses the circulatory system. The act of jumping on a mini-trampoline is also perfect for those recovering from injuries, as it is weight-bearing, but involves low-level impact. This can even build bone mass, and prevent osteoporosis!  A mini trampoline with handrail support ($61) is a good option. (Available here)

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4. Hydrate with Citrus Fruits

Every night I slice up one or two oranges and lemons, put them in a glass carafe filled with filtered water, and let it sit until morning. Warm water is easier for the body to ingest, and along with the citrus ingredients, enhances your detoxification and digestion for the day. Lemons cleanse the liver and boost your immune system along with the oranges, which clears the skin and improves overall demeanor.

Doing something as simple as drinking warm water with lemons and oranges every morning jump starts weight loss, and actually transports fat from your body. This kind of resolution is an easy habit to incorporate into your day, especially since its preparation occurs before you go to bed at night, and can be done quickly before leaving for school or work.

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5. Go Organic and Alkaline

In most of my blog entries I stress this–and there’s a good reason for it. Organic foods do not contain any harmful pesticides or growth accelerators. The farms they come from must abide by a specific set of guidelines that protect consumers from ingesting toxins that are used in the mass-production of farmed goods. With this, Genetically Modified Organisms are prohibited, which can be a detriment to your health on multiple levels. I will always endorse eating organic; it’s the only kind of food I feed myself and my family.

Alkaline based foods are those that enable your bodily fluids to maintain its proper pH levels, like most fruits and vegetables. In doing so, you can prevent many illness, such as  cancer, heart disease and even osteoporosis. This is a great change to undertake, and goes hand-in-hand with the other resolutions I’ve recommended!

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6. Filter Tap Water

Bottled water does not only contain BPA, a toxin known to cause cancer, but it is said to cost 240-10,000 times more than the mere pennies-per-gallon that you can get from filtered tap water. That, and considering a mere 13% recycling rate leaves bottled water a bleak option for living a healthy, mindful life.

high-quality water filtration system is a great way to start small when changing your dietary habits. It’s cost effective and filters chlorine, lead, and bacterial contaminants from drinking water. My family uses the whole house filtration system from AQUASANA, but a more affordable filtration system, like the AQUASANA under counter or countertop models, are good options. Changing the way you consume water can lead to overall greater health, especially over the course of time. Purchasing a glass travel bottle makes it easy to take filtered water wherever you go, and ensures that there is no BPA leakage if you leave it in a warm spot.

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7. Start Taking Whole-Food Supplements

I get a lot of questions about the kind of supplements someone should be taking, and while there are a lot of options out there for aiding your diet, there are two I’d recommend to start off with once you’ve made this resolution. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic formula helps to maintain your digestive function, while balancing pH levels in the bodily fluids. It is a great supplement for accelerating the absorption of nutrients, and also effectively boosts your immune system response. Another helpful supplement is Garden of Life, Vitamin Code RAW D3. This will be sure to improve bone health, protect from breast and prostate cancers, as well as aid in your digestive processes.

I always stress the use of supplements. They are another quick and sure way to accelerate your whole-body wellness. Digestive health allows for your body to focus on the break-down of fat and build up of muscle, while giving you a greater boost of energy throughout the day.

8. Cut Down On Dairy

While I don’t readily preach restriction, dairy is simply not good for you, and a threat to your overall health. It is mucous forming, and creates acidic build-up in the body. Due to this, and the need to break down the complex proteins in dairy, your body will be less capable of digesting healthy, nutrient-dense food. It also blocks you from proper vitamin absorption.

Dairy can build up in your system, causing detrimental blockages, and purification in the intestinal tract. Replace dairy with health alternatives, like almond milk. To ween yourself off, it may be wise to instead use raw goat cheese, like that made by Mt. Sterling, which contains less lactose than cow’s milk. Kefir, made from the yeast of cow, sheep or goat milk, also contains very little lactose after its final fermentation. The enzymes in kefir help to digest the lactose that does remain, lessening the chances of purification and other possible adverse health problems. They, in moderation, are the best dairy to use, especially in the process of removing dairy from your diet.

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9. Detoxify your Home

As described in my previous post, 5 Toxic Cleaning Products You Should Toss, there is a significant importance in ridding your home of harmful cleaning materials that are still somehow sold in mass quantities. Even before “spring cleaning” hits you should make a conscious effort to phase out dangerous cleaning products with brands like MethodSeventh GenerationClean Well, and Citra Solv. Doing so can prevent asthma attacks, neurological disorders, reproductive disorders, liver and kidney damage, and many other serious health problems.

Adding plants to your home can help cleanse the air you breathe. Plants absorb the toxins in your home, and in turn expel oxygen, making your home smell fresh, and thus improving the health of you and your family. Ideal plant species for this are the Areca Palm, or the Baby Rubber Plant, which emits high oxygen content, requires filtered sunlight and infrequent watering.

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10. Start a Workout Routine

This is usually everyone’s first and foremost New Year’s resolution. Its benefits are undeniably important, and even just 30 minutes a day of exercise can change your life. My philosophy is, and always has been, that movement is medicine. Use it to improve your over-all health, and you’ll see a difference that prescriptions can never quite achieve.

Clinically proven exercise regimens, like those done with TRXClinical PilatesPower Plate, and SpineForce are core-engaging, with optimized results for any body type, or health condition. The NY Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Wellness Center is adequately equipped to handle any of those who wish to make this resolution a reality, by providing top-notch training and regimens developed by our team of medical experts.