5 Surprising Benefits of Rip Training

The creator of Rip Training, Pete Holman, was a US National Champion in Taekwondo, and captain for the US National Taekwondo Team. Being a professional MMA fighter, he was exposed to cutting-edge exercise equipment and techniques to enhance his competitive talents over the years, but wanted more out of his workout. Holman went on to create the Rip Trainer. He now trains and lectures on this innovative exercise tool, bringing other athletes and trainees to a whole new level of fitness.

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1. Builds Up Metabolic Conditioning

Certain exercises allow your body to build up and store energy at a greater rate.  This enables you to exert more energy for any given activity. Rip Training exercises are among those considered to improve cardiovascular health, meaning there is an enhanced transport of blood to your working muscles. With this, your body better utilizes energy with the improved efficiency of the metabolic pathways, making you burn calories even after a workout is completed.

The key to achieving proper metabolic conditioning is to do high-intensity, short duration exercises, like those done with the Rip Trainer. Any of the exercises you do with this tool can be tailored to perfect your metabolic system. It is designed for building to your chosen fitness/endurance goal!

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2. Broad Accessibility

Many beginners I meet with are weary of tools like the Rip Trainer. They second guess their ability to use it. Yes, it seems daunting at first, but I always stress that the Rip Trainer is easily accessible due to its buildability. You may not be as agile as Drew Brees, or other famous athletes shown using the Rip Trainer, but you can grow through exercises that are tailored for your specific needs, and can improve your physique exponentially.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to work with a client or patient, and build a workout regimen that gleans visible results. The regimens vary, but results that occur from using the Rip Trainer are all equally as impressive. It has a notable effect on athletes, rehab patients, or the average person who hasn’t worked out regularly before!

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3. Reduced Risk of Injury

When working with clients patients who lead an active lifestyle, I always stress to them that the best way to reduce the chance of injury is by building core strength. Stability, endurance and coordination are driven by your core’s strength, and can make or break your chances of an injury. Don’t take any chances, because the slightest misstep paired with inadequate strength recovery might ruin your ability to perform optimally. Rip Training is specifically designed to work your body asymmetrically, with exercises that simulate everyday tasks and athletic techniques, preparing you for situations that may cause injury.

An exercise that I like to use that really takes a core workout to the next level is the Rip Windmill. By standing sideways to the anchor and using an alternating grip to draw circles while squatting up and down, you engage your abs, hips, the scapular muscles in your shoulder blades, and lower back. Although it sounds really simple, it is a challenging exercise, especially if you’re doing them properly, in quick, short intervals.

4. Enhanced Sports Conditioning for Athletes

If you are a professional, amateur, or high school athlete, Rip Training is perfect for you. TRX Suspension Training and Rip Training has worked its way into most sports, and is used by professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, NFL, MMA and NLL. Rip Training has proven, over time, to enhance the competitive edge of professionals and amateurs alike. Now that it is available at NY Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, it can change the way teams in the New York metropolitan area play sports.

I encourage you to be a part of the Rip Training experience, no matter what your caliber of athletic talent. Even if you are in great shape, you will see your body transform to an even leaner, more toned physiqueWith that being a definite plus, sports conditioning with the Rip Trainer doesn’t stop there. It’s about being light on your feet, increasing your range of motion, and coordination, and having greater strength during all of it.

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5. Improved Rotational Force

During your everyday life you are producing rotation to complete actions. Some actions, such as picking up your child, lifting boxes to a shelf, or raking leaves in your front yard require a certain amount of rotational force for completion. Age and a sedentary lifestyle can impede on your ability to complete these tasks with the right amount of force, resulting in possible injury.

The Rip Trainer builds power for rotational force, making everyday tasks easier, as well as preventing future injury. The Resistance Cord has 3 levels of resistance to build upon strength as you gain it. Due to being developed by someone who focused on rotational force as a key benefit, you’ll be sure to see results. 


Brian Magurno, Certified Biomechanics and Corrective Exercise Specialist  

Serving as both a Certified Biomechanics Specialist and a PTA , Brian Magurno is an essential member of NY Chiropractic & Physical Therapy’s world-class staff.

As a certified biomechanics and corrective exercise specialist, Brian holds a staggering number of certifications from the American Aerobic Association International and the International Sports Medicine Association, including Personal Training, Bender Ball Instruction, Weight Management Consulting, Tai Chi Instruction (both Phase I & II), Sports Nutrition Consulting, Concussion in Youth Sports, Strength Conditioning & Weight Training Consulting, Kickboxing Instruction, Total Body Strength Conditioning, and Pilates.