Sweat and Detox Your Way to Weight Loss & Better Health


Although recently listed as one of the top resolutions in my 10 Must-Do Resolutions for Better Health, the many benefits of infrared light have long been known to those in the medical profession, especially those throughout Europe. As an avid user of an infrared sauna, I can properly advocate for the power of this phenomenal healing light. In an effort to further explore the possibilities of its benefits, I’ve incorporated an Infrared Cardio Bike called the PhysioRED into NYCPT‘s very own Wellness Center.

This is a futuristicstate-of-the-art cardio machine inside of an infrared chamber that has been known to produce life-changing occurrences like the ones listed below. Each deserves their own highlighted description, as they introduce you to a completely specialized way of changing the outcome of your whole-body wellness. Along with a hefty price-tag, and a steep importation cost from its manufacturers in Europe, it is no wonder that the PhysioRED Infrared Cardio Bike is only readily available at a limited number of facilities like our own!

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1. Boosts Weight Loss

Doing a vigorous cardio exercise within the infrared light chamber of the PhysioRED “burns calories at the speed of light.” With 2,800 watts of infrared light penetrating to the tissue of your saddlebag thighs, flabby arms, belly pooches and love handles, a significant metabolic change begins to occur that intensifies your workout. 

A transformation of composition transpires as the cells produce ATP synthase (an important energy-producing enzyme), and fat is converted to energy at an accelerated rate. The weight, quite literally, begins to melt off as you sweat within the chamber, and your metabolism increases dramatically in response to infrared light exposure.

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2. Increases Muscle

The unique power of infrared light supports the fitness demands of those looking to gain and retain lean muscle mass. Less exertion is required when performing on the PhysioRED Infrared Cardio Bike, meaning you are not likely to lose muscle mass while burning calories.

Muscle health is essential for training and conditioning athletes. The infrared rays of light target areas of your muscle tissue, and as it is absorbed into the cells, your muscle begins to heal itself, enabling you to exercise more frequently, and build muscle quicker during training season.

3. Detoxifies and Prevents Aging

Detoxification is an essential part of whole-body wellness, and an integral component of my lifestyle philosophy. Through detoxification, your body will begin to show significant improvements in skin tone, amount of daily energy, immune system functionality, and muscle tone. Infrared stimulates the “DNA synthesis in fibroblasts,” which repairs elasticity in the skin, reversing the adverse effects of aging. This paired with the other physical changes you undergo within the infrared chamber can mean more vitality through the later years of your life.

Often confused with UV rays, infrared light is, in fact, at a completely different end of the spectrum. Infrared cardio is 100% natural and completely safe, making it perfect for detoxification. Fat cells and toxins that are typically trapped are released into the blood stream as you pedal within the infrared chamber. The lymphatic system, being actively stimulated by the combination of infrared light and cardio, transports the toxins through the circulatory system for excretion. This can occur either through the pores, or digestion. The fat in your system is also readily burned off as you continue to do cardio!

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4. Increases Cardiovascular Health

PhysioRED is the perfect machine for those looking to get back into shape after having long lived a sedentary lifestyle. Its non-weight bearing, simplistic, reclining exercise allows for you to maintain a preferred heart rate as you exercise. Under the supervision of our Physical Therapists and Doctors, you will gradually increase your working rate as you feel the benefits of this device.

Your extremities dilate under infrared light, causing you to experience an increase of blood flow to organs. This vasodilation will help clear arteries with less vascular resistance, preventing the onset of heart disease.

5. Accelerates Rehabilitation

For those who are injured on the job or need post-surgical rehabilitation, infrared light has the ability to improve the rate at which you heal. Once again, the specialized, non-weight bearing exercise does not strain the body, and builds up muscle along with connective tissue that may have be damaged. Infrared light penetrates your skin, muscle and tissue, releasing nitric-oxide and stimulating circulation. This delivers greater amounts of oxygen and nutrients to your injured cells, eliminating any toxins and cellular waste, relieving pain, as well.

Machines utilizing gentle infrared rays have been used for newborn incubation, post-surgical rehabilitation and pain-relief. Its harmless vibration of energy is readily accepted, as it resonates throughout the body, soothing ailments and generating positive tissue growth and cell rejuvenation.