Erik Bonn

Erik earned a Master’s degree in Advanced Athletic Training at the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Duquesne University, where he competed on the Track and Field Team as a D1 athlete. He also brings the expertise of performance training and optimal recovery modalities for D1 and D2 athletes to the Sports Science Lab.

Erik has experience working with athletes from a wide variety of sports, helping them achieve their maximal potential while focusing on recovery techniques, injury prevention and improved mobility. Erik believes that proper recovery from exercise and mobility are critical for optimal performance and implements various modalities for improving these factors into his training methods. His research on Recovery in CrossFit was selected to be presented at the annual conference of the American College of Sports Medicine in Boston.

As the primary Athletic Trainer for 15 varsity sports at Benedict College, Erik gained experience in the care for injured athletes, preventative care and rehabilitation programs, as well as various therapeutic modalities, including manual therapy. He also completed a strength and conditioning internship at Warrior Fitness, where he trained CrossFit athletes and developed mobility and prehab/rehab protocols for individual patients. More recently, as an Assistant Athletic Trainer for the University of South Carolina’s Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams, he further expanded his skills in various training methods, recovery and injury prevention. He developed a squat therapy program, which uses squatting exercises to improve mobility in the hips, knees and ankles and improve motor control of the lower extremities, which translate into lower risk of injury and better performance. Erik’s focus on recovery and improved mobility in athletes ensures that each athlete will reach their maximal performance potential.

In addition to being a board-certified athletic trainer, Erik holds certifications as a Performance Enhancement Specialist and GRASTON technique – Module I. He is also a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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