Free Sports Injury Prevention Workshop for Young Athletes

Learn How to Keep Young Athletes Injury-Free in Free Workshop by NYCPT Experts

A startling one in five kids who visit the nation’s ERs because of an injury is there for a sports-related injury.  The good news is that many of these common sports injuries can be easily prevented.

NYCPT’s team of doctors, physical therapists and sports conditioning specialists — including Dr. John Piazza, Aarzoo Patel, DPT, Matt Nelson and Danielle Benyik — has developed a specific conditioning and training program for young athletes that identifies and strengthens areas of weakness to enhance performance and ability while incorporating exercises to help avoid injuries.

Designed for young athletes, parents and coaches, our free workshop focuses on the following key areas:

  • injury prevention
  • rehabilitation
  • posture correction
  • stability
  • endurance

Learn how young athletes can break through the “performance ceiling” with our regimen of core strength exercises that train muscles and joints to work at their highest efficiency.

Our expert team will go on-site to your school or training facility to offer tips and to demonstrate exercises for injury prevention and for sports conditioning, all of which can be tailored to a specific sport and to a specific athlete’s needs.  We emphasize the development of:

  • functional strength
  • directional speed
  • transitional agility
  • explosive power

Limited workshops remain, so contact us at 718-727-0055 or send an email to to register now!

*Workshops available only to schools and teams located in the Staten Island, Brooklyn and lower Manhattan area.