SpineForce 3-D Rehabilitation Exercise Technology

SpineForce 3-D Rehabilitation Exercise Technology by NYCPT uses the exclusive SpineForce machine. This biomechanically engineered device features tri-dimensional action and an interactive display. The unique “scan effect” of its movable column and easily programmable display enables highly personalized interaction. Its sensitive, ergonomic handles sense isometric pressure to indicate strengths and weaknesses, and its oscillating platform creates a dynamic bodily imbalance that recruits core spinal muscles to maintain equilibrium. Trained professionals at NYCPT can design a personalized plan for you to enjoy the benefits of this exclusive, innovative three-dimensional rehabilitation and training equipment.

SpineForce 3-D Rehabilitation Exercise Technology is the only of its kind in the world that has been designed to three-dimensionally target and strengthen the core muscles and 180 deep intraspinal stabilizer muscles of the back that support the spine. SpineForce is engineered for progressive workouts, conditioning the body from the inside out. It can be used for a variety of rehabilitation protocols for muscular injuries or debilitating conditions, sports training programs, and general fitness. As part of an individualized rehabilitation or training program, the SpineForce system can deliver amazing, sustainable results. NYCPT’s Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Healthcare Professionals can design personalized training and rehabilitation plans using SpineForce, and provide highly trained supervision to ensure proper utilization.

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