Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy by NYCPT uses super pulsed laser technology in a hand-held device, designed to target specific areas with healing photons of light. The non-invasive stimulation is delivered through stainless steel electrodes located on the service of the emitter. This simple procedure, performed by the trained professionals at NYCPT upon the recommendation of medical staff, provides a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery and medication.

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy is a treatment approach that uses low intensity or low level laser light to treat some types of pain, inflammations and healing of wounds. The super pulsed lasers used at NYCPT are the fastest in the world, delivering a pulse at billionths of a second. This technology means a higher concentration of light energy, or photons, can be safely driven deeper into the targeted tissue. The deep laser treatment provides the optimal biological conditions for pain relief. Administered by the trained medical professionals of NYCPT, this super pulsed laser program can treat pain, speed the healing process and help maintain wellness.

How Super Pulsed Laser Therapy can make a difference for you:

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