3D Interactive Rehabilitation

“TRAZER creates a dynamic and entertaining software environment that acts as a bridge between the physical and virtual…TRAZER has the potential to re-define the sport fitness exercise equipment category, and take “interactive sports training” to a much larger base by providing a new engaging and motivating form of exercise.”  NIKE

“I have seen the future of athlete development, and it is called the TRAZER sport simulator.” Barry Sanders, NFL Football Great

Rehabilitation Applications

The Trazer combines 3-D body position tracking with simulation technology to create a measurable and effective rehabilitative program. The Trazer uses game-like exercises that keep the mind involved and challenged while training all the muscle groups in a coordinated manner. With movements varying from simple arm-raising to a demanding series of vertical jumps, while reducing the forces on sensitive joints, Trazer works well for patients of all ages and responsibilities.

With the Trazer, you can take your rehabilitation regimen to the next level by uncovering the very movement deficits – perhaps even the simplest of movements- that are getting in your way and then by working to improve or overcome them.

In addition, the Trazer monitors heart rate, reaction time, speed, acceleration, deceleration, calorie burn and core height data. Armed with these figures, NYCPT professionals can track and monitor your recovery progress.

How the Trazer can make a difference for you:

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