TRX Rehabilitation by NYCPT utilizes the science of suspension training to develop balance, flexibility, strength and core stability simultaneously. Specialized equipment effectively targets problem areas, and the unique ability to scale the level of intensity of any exercise makes the TRX program easy to tailor to each patient’s training and rehabilitation needs. TRX Rehabilitation is ideal for lower extremity work, because it can facilitate partial weight-bearing exercises and act as a safety device in the early stages of rehab. As a rehabilitation facilitator or a sports conditioning tool, the TRX system delivers an innovative approach backed by the industry’s best practices and leading-edge research. NYCPT’s physical therapists can design personalized training and rehabilitation plans using TRX, and provide highly trained supervision to ensure proper utilization.

TRX Rehabilitation by NYCPT uses the TRX Suspension Trainer (TRX), a safe and effective functional training tool used in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and to improve fitness and performance. The TRX uses a single anchor point to support the user’s hands or feet while the opposite end of the body is in contact with the ground. Through a series of exercises that leverage the user’s bodyweight and manipulate the user’s stability, TRX can scale the intensity of effort across a continuum of low to high loads and stable to unstable positions. The scalability and versatility of cardio- and muscular workouts you can achieve with TRX makes it an important rehabilitation partner and fitness aid, under the supervision of NYCPT’s team of medical experts.

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