Repetitive Overuse Injuries

Repetitive overuse injuries, whether the result of occupational demands, poor posture, past injury or athletic activities, can take a toll on your body. Chronic soft-tissue stress from repetitive motion can cause your body to produce tough, dense scar tissue that can impair joint function and alter movement patterns. Signs of a possible overuse injury are pain, decreased range of motion, loss of strength and numbness and weakness if nerves are involved. Usually, these injuries have components of soft-tissue dysfunction, joint dysfunction and movement pattern dysfunctions, which all must be assessed and addressed to fully resolve the condition.

Exercise, while highly encouraged for its health benefits, can also be a cause of repetitive overuse injuries. For example, running and cycling can cause repetitive stress to your entire body. Stabbing pain that persists, or a mild discomfort that becomes severe, are signals that something is wrong and should be examined.

NY Chiropractic & Physical Therapy specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of overuse injuries, regardless of cause or origin. We offer tools and techniques to assess and eliminate tissue, joint and movement pattern dysfunction, chiropractic manipulation for joint dysfunction and functional rehabilitation for movement pattern dysfunction and stabilization. Our multi-dimensional approach, combining chiropractic care and physical therapy, offers a broad prescription for relief.