Sports Massage

Sports massage at NYCPT is focused on helping both professional and amateur athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recovery and training. During sports massage, our therapist emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons. You will work with NYCPT’s massage therapist so that your massage is based upon your specific needs. Some examples include: pre-event sports massage post-event sports massage restorative sports massage rehabilitative sports massage.

A sports massage at NYCPT will help loosen your muscles, increase your flexibility, reduce your chance of injury and improve your recovery time.

Clinical Sports Massage Therapy vs. Traditional Spa Massage 

There are two main differences between clinical massage therapy and a “normal” spa massage:  the relaxation aspect and the desired outcome.

A standard spa massage is meant to relax the client with the use of calming strokes and moderate to light pressure. Every masseuse is different and has his or her own style, but the main goal is to relax the client and to provide a soothing session. Many clients may even fall asleep.

The goal of clinical sports massage therapy, on the other hand,  is to prepare, treat and maintain an athlete at peak performance levels. Massage therapy involves two types of basic responses: a mechanical response that comes from the pressure and movement and a reflex response that is a result of the nerves response to stimulation.

Although it is geared toward athletes, anyone who is athletic may benefit from this therapy.  Massage therapy also enables lymphatic drainage, providing detoxification to the body and reducing inflammation and pain following an injury. In addition, sports massage therapy is a great way for an athlete to reduce stress.

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