Dr. Piazza's Nutrition Reform & Weight Loss Program

How Dr. Piazza’s Nutrition Reform & Weight Loss Program can make a difference for you:

Dr. Piazza believes that everyone is capable of transforming his or her physical body, regardless of genetic make-up or pre-disposition. However, he also knows that, in order to truly transform your body, you must approach the process scientifically.

For the past two decades, Dr. Piazza has devoted much of his time to researching and identifying the most advanced and scientifically-backed equipment, exercises and nutrition regimes to achieve health and optimal physical fitness. As both a doctor and a health and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Piazza has a medical background and a thorough understanding of the human anatomy and physiology that allows him to approach this subject quite differently than a conventional fitness trainer or weight loss expert. He believes that his experience is also the reason his patients and clients have succeeded in reaching their fitness and wellness goals after many years of failed attempts.

Most diets encourage you to count calories or require you to limit your intake of certain foods, such as carbohydrates or fat. After a period of time, you may reach your weight loss goals, but often those results are temporary. In addition, most diets, even those that sound “healthy,” are difficult to follow and are nearly impossible to maintain in a modern 21st century lifestyle.

Dr. Piazza’ Nutrition Reform program, on the other hand, encourages you to follow a sustainable plan of action that focuses on the whole body.  By consuming a nutrient-dense diet and by following this whole body wellness regime — which includes detoxification and anaerobic exercise to trigger hypertrophy — you will look and feel your personal best and take years off your chronological age.

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