Cocoon Infrared Pod

 NYCPT is proud to offer our wellness clients the latest in thermal technology with the Cocoon Infrared Pod, which emerging research suggests has multiple positive effects on your body. With its tripe IRTM (3-in-1) for near, mid and far infrared benefits, the Cocoon Infrared Pod soothes, heats and raises the core body temperature with deep warmth called resonance that can keep your metabolism elevated for 4-12 hours after your session.

 Backed by Science

Scientific studies are proving that hyperthermic conditioning can offer a wide arrange of health benefits. For instance, according to research by the University of British Columbia the therapeutic use of infrared light can help relieve common painstress and fatigue and contribute to treatment programs for chronic diseases including hypertensiondiabetes and obesity. Additionally, there is some indication that infrared heat can be used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome.

How Does it Work?
The hyperthermic conditioning works to develop your muscle strength and tone your muscles while you burn calories.
Many users simply cannot believe that these results can be achieved without movement of the body. Scientists explain, however, that sweating is part of the complex thermoregulatory process of the body involving significant increases in cardiac output (stroke volume and plasma volume), heart rate and metabolic rate. When Cocoon users undergo high-heat sessions, heat from the ambient air inside the cabinet is absorbed by the body which causes the body temperature to rise. The body automatically modulates the resulting increase in core temperature via a process called “thermogenesis”.
This process — which ultimately cools the body by the evaporation of sweat –consumes approximately . 586 Kcal per gram of water lost in perspiration. Studies have shown that a moderately heat-conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams during a single session.

•Weight management, including significant calorie burning (up to 800 calories per session)
•Detoxification, including reduced water retention and bloating and skin cleansing
•Boost growth hormone levels
•Halotherapy that strengthens the immune system
•Reduce pain from injury
•Accelerates healing process
•Reduce depression and anxiety
•Improve sleep quality
•Promote growth of new brain cells
•Powered massage that soothes and relaxes while relieving stress

Burn 800 Calories in a Single Session
A highly heat-conditioned person can sweat off up to 800 calories during a session without adverse effects, which is equivalent to running from 6 miles! Almostall the calories burned are eliminated as heat through the skin. About 75% of the calories burned during traditional physical exercise — such as running and cycling — are lost through the skin as heat via perspiration. That is why users sweat during Cocoon Infrared sessions and when they perform traditional aerobic exercises! In both examples the exerciser is dissipating the excess heat the body core has built up through the skin a process which burns equivalent calories whether running or using the pod!

Boost Growth Hormone Levels
 Another way in which hyperthermic conditioning can be used to increase anabolism is through a massive induction of growth hormone. Growth hormone participates in regulating the body’s metabolism. It acts on fat cells to reduce the amount of stored fats, promotes protein synthesis in cells and plays a role in regulating the sugar levels in the blood. Studies indicate that exposure to whole-body, intermittent hyperthermic conditioning through infrared use has an even more profound effect on boosting growth hormone immediately afterward: two one-hour infrared sessions a day for 7 days was shown
to increase growth hormone by 16-fold on the third day. The growth hormone effects generally persist for a couple of hours post- sauna. It is also important to note that when hyperthermia and exercise are combined, they induce a synergistic increase in growth hormone.

Relax + Rejuvenate 
A unique dual wave massage is produced through several synchronized vibration transducers placed under the lounge. As you relax, you can adjust the intensity and the focus of the massage from a light touch to a deep penetration. You also can enhance the experience by adding essential oils to the pod’s air intake system for aromatherapy. The pod’s padded lounge is ergonomically designed to ensure your body’s weight is so evenly dispersed that it feels as if you are floating on air. Additionally, jadetourmaline and germanium stones are embedded within the walls of the pod. When heated, the stones emit radiant wavelengths that generate negative ions to regulate the body’s energy flow.
Experience the Benefits of Halotherapy
Experience the benefits of Europe’s traditional salt caves and the new “salt rooms” springing up across the country. The salt air or “halotherapy” experience is designed to mimic salt caves, which have long been used in therapeutic applications throughout Eastern Europe. Halotherapy is a pain-free alternative treatment that uses dry sodium chloride to treat respiratory problems such as colds, sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, allergies and bronchitis. A salt environment has also proven to be helpful for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. For healthy users, salt treatments can strengthen the immune system and provide a healthy and relaxing spa experience.
Natural + Effective Pain Relief
The simultaneous heat and vibratory massage the pod provides helps to promote better flexibilityand a more fluid range of motion response in your body. Athletes find that the pod helps them recover from injury faster, and the pod also helps anyone who is suffering from pain from repetitive movements, from overuse of the muscles or from the simple aches and pain that can come with the aging process. Infrared heat dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing blood circulation to any injured areasrelieving pain and hastening the healing process. Infrared heat has been used successfully in the treatment of muscle spasms, arthritis and rheumatism.

Reduce Anxiety + Sleep Better
As you experience the heat and massage the pod provides, you will notice a marked reduction in your stress and tension levels. In addition, the soothing aspect of the pod allows you to feel more mentally alert and paves the way for a more restful sleep that night. Studies have also indicated the positive effects of heat aclimation on the brain, including the growth of new brain cells, improvement in focus, learning and memory, and reducing depression and anxiety.

Exclusively at NYCPT’s
The Cocoon Infrared Pod works seamlessly with the other services and technology we offer at the NYCPT Wellness Center. We are excited to bring this state-of-the-art equipment as the exclusive provider in our area.