Infrared Cardio/PhysioRED

Infrared cardio exercise takes place on the ergonomic PhysioRED machine, an FDA-approved reclining bicycle that sits inside of a 2,800 watt infrared light chamber. Infrared is a band of light with more expansive wavelengths than those of visible light. The thermo-energy emitted via infrared light has specialized healing effects that can provide the body with long lasting relief from various ailments, spark significant weight loss, and detoxify the body.

Infrared light has the ability to penetrate your fat, muscle tissue, and organs, stimulating the body’s cells and transporting chemical energy into significant metabolic changes. While engaging users in a non-weight bearing, yet vigorous exercise, the infrared light is focused on your body as you cycle. Even exercising on the PhysioRED once a week can make a noticeable change in body tone and chronic pain!

Post-surgical rehabilitation is ideal on the PhysioRED, as the workout builds muscle without overstraining weak parts of the body. Heat generated by infrared light acts as a healing accelerator, penetrating underlying tissue, warming muscle fibers and stimulating blood circulation. This is also wonderful for detoxifying the body, which is both a safe and natural side-effect of infrared treatment.

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