Surfset Fitness

Available exclusively in the local area at NYCPT, The SURFSET® Board is designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard on water through its unique side to side motion. The Board is built with an actual custom made surfboard which is engineered to allow you to perform traditional exercises with the added core benefit of working out on an unstable surface. The board allows you to to build aerobic conditioning, burn fat, build lean muscle, agility, stability, and tone in addition to the core and balance workout.

The board is designed to combine the benefits of cardio training, strength training, and balance training all in one workout. SURFSET® will help define your triceps for shapely upper arms, strengthen your obliques for a tight, toned torso, and work your legs in isometric contractions for that long, lean surfer look.

How the SURFSET® Board can make a difference for you:

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