3D Interactive Fitness Technology

“TRAZER creates a dynamic and entertaining software environment that acts as a bridge between the physical and virtual…TRAZER has the potential to re-define the sport fitness exercise equipment category, and take “interactive sports training” to a much larger base by providing a new engaging and motivating form of exercise.”  NIKE

“I have seen the future of athlete development, and it is called the TRAZER sport simulator.” Barry Sanders, NFL Football Great

Fitness Benefits

TRAZER’s 3-dimensional exercise summons the entire body into action. It’s game-like exercise that involves the mind while training all the muscle groups in a coordinated manner. All while reducing the forces on sensitive joints.

If you have even used the Wii Fit, you have a basic understanding of the Trazer’s 3D tracking technology. Engaging on-screen graphics guide you through workouts, while your body movement is tracked and analyzed. However, unlike the Wii Fit, the Trazer’s PowerTRAQ resistance training provides the ability to burn calories at an unprecedented rate and to reach new fitness goals and sport specific strength and power levels.

During a Trazer work out session, up to six cables are strategically attached to your body for an interactive, total-body strength training. The result? Even more lean muscle mass built. Even more calories burned.

In addition, the Trazer monitors heart rate, reaction time, speed, acceleration, deceleration, calorie burn and core height data. Armed with these figures, NYCPT professionals can help you set and reach exciting levels of fitness.

How the Trazer can make a difference for you:

  • burns calories at an accelerated rate
  • builds core strength and lean muscle mass
  • reduces forces on sensitive joints
  • monitors heart rate, reaction time, speed and calorie burn
  • challenges those of all fitness levels

Sports Performance Benefits  

Trazer is the perfect tool for athletes who want to improve their game. By simulating a sports environment, the Trazer challenges players and helps build incredible, sport specific strength, power and agility. While most exercise equipment only moves your forward, the Trazer technology moves you sideways, backwards, up and down, just as you move in real sports situations. 

Trazer’s advanced tracking technology measures functional strength and power, balance, coordination, range of motion, movement speed, and reaction time. Under the guidance of NYCPT’s trained professionals, athletes of all abilities can improve their sports performance.

How the Trazer can make a difference for you:

  • increases movement speed, power, agility, stamina, and balance
  • provides engaging visual motivation
  • offers real-time visual feedback

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