Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction & Other Benefits of the Spineforce 3D

SpineForce 3-D Rehabilitation Technology

This is a truly unique piece of equipment that we use exclusively at the Wellness Center. My patients love it, and each experience is able to be tailored to their specific needs.

Biomechanically engineered by Europe’s leading scientists, SpineForce 3-D Rehabilitation Technology has been extensively tested by Exercise Physiology Researcher JB Fabre.

Otherwise known as the Huber Motion Lab, SpineForce is a comprehensive exercise tool that targets and recruits the 180 deep spinal muscles that support the spinal structure, and your core. With the proper direction, you can achieve a multitude of positive results on this revolutionary machine!


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Weight Loss 

SpineForce exercises are designed to target the core muscles along the lower part of your body,  while the moving column works your upper body. This is perfect for patients who are interested in weight loss!

By creating a unique cardio experience through the full engagement of different muscles on the SpineForce’s oscillating platform, you can reduce cellulite, lose weight, and sculpt your physique!

This machine is an efficient way for you to reach target weight loss goals, as you to focus on the tasks in your personalized routine. With over a hundred studies conducted, SpineForce has been proven to show a decline in body fat percentage, as well as shrinkage in overall measurements.




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Tissue degeneration and the loss of bone density occurs as you age, causing fractures and the decline in posture. With your balance thrown off, you have decreased mobility and range of motion, which can be a noticeable disturbance in trying to take part in activities.

In my experience, SpineForce has been the best way to combat this kind degeneration. The oscillating platform of the SpineForce causes your body to react by engaging the stabilizing muscles along your spine, as well as by putting pressure on your skeletal system, strengthening your bone mass. 

By challenging your musculo-skeletal system, the tissue in joints strengthen, giving you the ability to prevent injury compatible with the aging process.


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Sports Conditioning 

The SpineForce Huber Motion Lab has the ability to condition athletes, whatever their respective sport may be.

The platform and moving column adjust to work your body symmetrically, optimizing the fluidity of your athletic performance.

I have seen this machine do more than simply give a good workout. Your mind and body are challenged simultaneously to give you a simulated experience similar to what you may face when on the field or court.

SpineForce has developed a conditioning protocol for various sports, from golf, to baseball, basketball, or tennis. Due to being a customizable routine, you and your conditioning expert can target whatever weaknesses you may have, making a positive difference in your training.

The feedback screen on the SpineForce column allows you to focus on your problem areas of performance, and correct yourself through musculoskeletal reeducation. 


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Physical Therapy 

SpineForce offers physical therapy and rehabilitation for post-surgery,  trauma, orthopedic conditions, forms of arthritis, geriatric conditions and various neuromuscular disorders.

While the amateur and professional athlete can use this for conditioning, someone in need of post-surgical rehab, and other kinds of physical therapy can also use this tool to regain muscle function in a way that may even exceed their previous abilities.

I use the adaptable equipment of the SpineForce to accelerate recovery time for my patients. While redefining your understanding of how to exceed previous functionality, the SpineForce builds full-body support through the strengthening of core muscles.


Aarzoo Patel, PT

Director of the Physical Therapy Program at NY Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Educated at Shree Ghantakaran Mahavir Physiotherapy College in Godhra, India, Aarzoo has dedicated herself to studying a plethora of techniques and disciplines to help structure customized rehabilitation plans for her patients. As part of her education, Aarzoo has practiced Sports Physiotherapy, Maitland’s Clinical Reasoning and Manual Therapy Approach, Integrated Soft Tissue Mobilization, and Kinesio & Essential Tapping Techniques. She is currently studying for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Previously, Aarzoo has worked at numerous hospitals and healthcare clinics in India, developing her own signature style of patient care and management. NY Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is thrilled to haveAarzoo on-board as the Director of the Physical Therapy Program because of her highly skilled and technical approach to physiotherapy.