Cindy Crawford’s Secret Fitness Tool

Cindy Crawford, world renowned super model and wellness devotee, has perpetuated her youth with a piece of fitness equipment that engages her entire body during isolated workouts. It was only until recently that Ms. Crawford revealed her secret to maintaining her toned physique — Whole Body Vibration Therapy on the Power Plate®.


What is Whole Body Vibration therapy?

  • Whole Body Vibration therapy, or WBV, is a form of exercise and physical therapy/rehabilitation that is performed on the Power Plate®.
  • Vibrations pulsate 30-45 times per second, causing your muscles to contract, and setting a top resistance up to 5x your body weight.
  • Dr.’s Horst Frank and Brigit Moos conducted experiments using this piece of technology. One of the benefits recorded was loss of cellulite. Cellulite is eliminated through the replacement of fat cells with collagen cells, which is brought about by the vibration of the Power Plate®.

How does the Power Plate® work?

  • The Power Plate® is a machine that generates vibration forces measured by the ‘G Factor,’ which courses through your body as you use it.
  • By vibrating in multiple directions, your core struggles to stabilize your body during workouts. This creates a subtle, yet effective imbalance that incites muscle growth and coordination enhancement.
  • While using the Power Plate® your muscles contract, stimulating blood flow and muscle reaction.
  • Every machine is equipped with a computerized profile for users, and can be tailored to your individual level and needs.
  • Power Plate® even supplies its facilities with manuals dedicated to training athletes in sports like golf.


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Can the Power Plate® give me a competitive advantage in sports?

  • The Power Plate® has attachable and movable accessories to expand its capabilities for Sports Conditioning. Any athlete can benefit from this training, mostly due to the “G Factor,” which can make you lighter on your feet.
  • By providing healthy stress on the body, you build bone mass with muscle, allowing you to avoid injury when playing.
  • Serena Williams, who is currently ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis, is widely known for training on the Power Plate®. Along with Serena, there are other sport’s teams that use this cutting-edge tool, such as the Chicago Bulls, Green Bay Packers, and soccer champs Manchester United.

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Is this tool just for a work out?

  • Whole Body Vibration therapy on the Power Plate® is just that– therapy  loosely defined as a “treatment to relieve a disorder” (Webster).
  • The vibrations of the Power Plate® are quoted as being, “enough to cause reflexes to engage,” but gentle enough for the patient to stabilize themselves. This makes the usage of this device perfect for rehabilitation.
  • Geriatric patients looking to regain strength and mobility are great examples for the therapeutic abilities of the Power Plate®. With handles to hold on, the patient can stabilize themselves while performing exercises.
  • This tool provides a way to reestablish coordination and skill development through learning to stabilize the body. Those suffering from injury, and post-surgery patients, can gain more than their previous strength back in only a few weeks time.